some warm leggings, so that your legs not particularly coarse, also can match your boots, upper body, winter, You can wear a little fur, or a jacket, whatever you like. Look for slim-footed versions that get rid of the scruffy, puffy feel of sweatpants and make them taller, sleeker and cooler. Martens are popular for both men and women who like a cool style, and they can be paired with sweatpants to make your legs look nice and slim. Tracksuit pants should also be matched according to the color of the Boot Martens. For a taller look, pair a short blazer with a dark blazer for an especially handsome look.
Brown and wine Dog fashion Kitchen Cheap Bustier maternity red Martin boots, very young student sister look, with black pants, modify your leg curve, modeling instant thin, coat with black long coat, or down jacket is OK, the use of wide narrow show thin wear rules, beautiful. Of course, martens can be worn not only with sweatpants

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