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Every once and a while you find a tech resource that makes you wonder how you taught without it. Doctor Musik is one of those sites! Created by music educator, Thierry Simard of Montreal, Canada, Doctor Musik has a variety of games and apps created to help students get familiar with musicianship skills.

In this blog, I’ll highlight some of Doctor Musik’s games and activities as well as several ways to use them in your music classroom.

Staff Practice Activities & Games

Aquarium is a game focused on students identifying absolute pitch names by moving the letter appearing on each fish to the correct line or space of the staff.

Staff Dungeon

Staff Dungeon is an interactive absolute pitch naming game that requires note naming skills and strategy to collect treasure and keys as you maneuver to gain access to the next level.

Rhythm Practice Activities & Games

Rhythm Decryptor

Rhythm Decryptor is a simple rhythm identification game that asks you to listen to an audio sample and select the correct rhythmic notation.

Sea of Rhythms

Sea of Rhythms is a teacher-led game that allows students to clap rhythms individually or as a class. There is also an opportunity to add instruments during game play.
Together you travel and discover the treasure!

Using Doctor Musik in your Music Classroom

There are so many options for incorporating the Doctor Musik website into your music classroom. In my classroom, I find that I tend to use this site in 3 different ways.

Extension to Learning for Early Finishers

New music download I include the link to the Doctor Musik website on the fantastic virtual music room I created a few years back. Students in my classroom can use the virtual music room as a place to access extension activities if they finish early or have extra time for some other reason. It is a perfect place to send students to explore because everything included on the site is appropriate to continue their learning. You could also pick out a particular activity for students to access by posting a specific link in your own virtual classroom or Google Classroom or by creating a QR code for students to scan on from a device.

Accommodations for Students to have Similar Experiences

Doctor Musik is also a great option for helping to make accommodations for students because of the variety of virtual instruments available. For instance, the virtual recorder could be used with students who are unable to produce a sound on a physical recorder or the virtual ukulele could be used by students who do not have an instrument at home to practice. This is one of the best websites I have found to try and help all students be successful in my music classroom.

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